Breaking down silos with DiSC

The Background

Following a period of significant change and business growth, the UK Director of Operations of a global lens company, was focused on creating a more engaged and informed workforce. The aim was to encourage the whole department to work more collectively, identifying and improving efficiencies and service levels across all operational teams. Recognising that this behavioural change would need to begin with the Operations Leadership Team, we were invited to help the team gain greater insight into how they currently operated and more importantly, identify and deal with any silo behaviours.

The Solution

In discussion with the Operations Director, we designed a  training day for the extended Leadership Team. Using the Everything DiSC Workplace model, we asked each of the 12 Heads of Department to complete a confidential on-line assessment and reviewed the results with each individual in a personal 121 coaching session ahead of the event. With a detailed understanding of the group culture and behaviours, we were able to design a training day focused not only on helping the team gain a better understanding of their team dynamic but also on providing specific training exercises to tackle some of the issues identified from the assessments.


The major shift for the team came through a review of their DiSC Group Culture report. Working through the Leadership Team profile, the team was able to gain a deeper understanding of what was driving their collective behaviour and how this in turn was having a negative impact on some of their  existing management systems and processes. Armed with this insight the team was more motivated to openly discuss, challenge and then agree what changes they felt were needed. In addition, they worked through a series of training exercises focused on improving communication skills and tools that would enable them to be more visible across the whole of the Operations Division and present a more unified and connected Leadership Team to their workers.

By the end of the training everyone recognised and agreed the value of being together as an extended team and welcomed future opportunities to work together in a more open and collaborative way. Not only were they able to identify personal development plans but also gained a deeper sense of their collective role and purpose, agreeing a set of prioritised actions they would work on together in future team meetings. A strapline that the team developed during the course of the training summed up the behaviour shift they made during the training, which they felt set the direction for how they would work together going forward  ‘Alone faster, Together further’.


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