Taking IC to the next level


For two years, the IC function of a multinational information and technology company had supported the business through a significant period of growth and change. As the organisation continued to develop, business leaders looked to the team to provide them with more strategic communication counsel and support. As a result, we were approached by the VP of Internal Communication for advice on how to rapidly move the team to this next level and provide the business with a ‘strategic advisor’ capability.


Due to operational demands, time with the VP Internal Communication and her team was limited. Working to tight timescales, we remotely interviewed members of the team, as well as reviewing available data on current IC ways of working and research into the company’s strategy and goals. Combining our industry knowledge with the insight we had gathered, we designed and facilitated a Team Strategy Away Day, aimed at helping the team to fast track thinking about their future role and direction and to openly debate potential solutions to some of the barriers we had identified.


By the end of the Away Day the team were able to:

  • Articulate a high-level vision of what they wanted to move ‘From and To,’ as a function
  • Identify the threats/risks and issues they would need to overcome in order to achieve their goals
  • Agree 4 key priority areas to work on in terms of Strategy, Structure, Systems and Support
  • Create a 12-month plan of action with key milestones (route map)
  • Understand and broaden their thinking in terms of clarifying a more strategic and less tactical approach

The team left with a clearer idea of how to develop a more ‘business driven’ internal communication strategy and function based on business priorities. They had made a mental shift in understanding what they would now need to reprioritise as a function in order to move forward and, in  their own words, the team had finally ‘put a foot on the first rung of the ladder’ in achieving their strategic goal.


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