A new Corporate Affairs model

The Background

In 2017 the Corporate Affairs Team of a highly successful mobile communication company embarked on a comprehensive review of its operating model and structure.

The challenge for the team was to deliver the scale of the change needed to help meet future business ambitions, whilst still maintaining the high standard of operational communication the team was known and respected for.

Having previously worked with the Internal Communication Team, we were invited  by the Director of Corporate Affairs to provide a combination of consultancy and coaching services  to help support delivery of the new model. This ranged from defining and agreeing the right model, to supporting the team through the behavioural changes needed to successfully embed the new ways of working.

The Solution

Working in partnership with the Director of Corporate Affairs and the Leadership Team we:

  • Investigated and developed a number of potential new operating models, clearly highlighting the associated risks. threats, benefits, and opportunities.
  • Helped the Director of Corporate Affairs secure critical executive level support for the new model.
  • Designed and developed the governance framework and associated systems and processes for the new ways of working.
  • Developed and facilitated a series of ‘Team Days’, ensuring the changes were delivered in a collaborative and supportive way across Corporate Affairs.
  • Supported the recruitment and induction of new Leadership Team members.
  • Developed a capability framework to support individual and team skills in new roles across Corporate Affairs.
  • Provided executive coaching and mentoring to drive behavioural change within the Leadership Team.


We were able to deliver a strategic capability that continues to play a strategic role in the organisation. The Leadership Team took greater ownership and accountability for the model, having been instrumental in shaping and developing it. The team purpose and focus was clearer, in turn helping them to make more informed, strategic decisions on behalf of the business. With the Leadership Team taking more responsibility for the day to day operation, the Director of Corporate Affairs was able to dedicate more of their time in actively supporting the CEO and Executive Team with more strategic communication counsel and advice.


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