Coaching ‘one team’ culture


In 2019 we were approached by the IC Director of a large telecommunications company, to help in the development of the newly appointed IC Leadership Team. Accountable for communications within individual business unit areas, it was important that the team was also able to operate as ‘one central team’ in order to deliver significant changes to the core purpose, vision, strategy, and organisation of the IC function as a whole.


Working in close partnership with both the Director of IC and the individual members of the IC Leadership Team, we developed and implemented a 3 phase Leadership Development/Team Coaching programme, tailored to meet their specific needs.   

Phase 1 – Cultural Audit

  • Individual interviews and internal research to determine current ways of working.
  • Individual DiSC psychometric assessments and 121 coaching sessions to establish a clear profile of each member of the team, identifying preferred individual behaviours and work preferences.
  • Group Assessment identifying the overall group culture within the team and areas of potential conflict/barriers to achieving cohesive working.
  • Facilitation of a 2-day Leadership Away Day to review the findings, understand opportunities for improved working and identify/agree the overall development programme.

Phase 2 – Dedicated coaching support

  • Programme of 121 coaching sessions with individual members of the IC Leadership Team
  • Team coaching support at regular Leadership Team meetings, focused on developing behaviours and improving collective ways of working.
  • Facilitation at quarterly strategy sessions to review progress against the IC Leadership Development Plan and further develop the team culture.
  • Monthly coaching/strategic advisory support for the Director of IC.

Phase 3 – 5 Behaviours Development Programme

  • Development and facilitation of a 1-day ‘‘5 Behaviours’ programme. focused on developing the team behaviours to next level of cohesive working.
  • 5 Behaviours Team profile identifying a base line for the team against 5 key behaviours (Trust/Conflict/Commitment/Accountability/Delivering Results)
  • 5 Behaviours Leadership Development plan focused on the priority behaviours agreed at the team event.
  • 121 Coaching sessions with members of the team to identify and agree individual performance plans in line with the 5 behaviours.


After 12 months, feedback from the team revealed.

  • Greater clarity on the collective team role and purpose helping to achieve better and faster decision making.
  • More active listening across the team, enabling a better understanding and appreciation of individual views and position.
  • A more collaborative and joined up team that enjoyed being/working together – stronger and more trusting of each other.
  • Improved and more effective relationships across the team, driven from a deeper understanding and appreciation of individual behaviours.
  • Deeper insight and understanding of the DiSC model, helping to drive improved working relationships with other teams and key stakeholders across the wider business.

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