Providing practical solutions to change priorities.

Juggling the need to make change happen, while still focusing on your customer’s needs, or just trying to keep the operational wheels turning day to day, can be complex and time consuming. Sometimes, you need an extra pair of hands to help you along the way.

Working with you and your teams, we help bridge the gap between planning and execution, ensuring you have all of the expertise, insight, tools and training needed to deliver real and sustainable change. Our consultancy services offer a unique blend of products and expertise, providing practical hands on support from the initial definition and design stage of your project, all the way through to implementation. No matter what other issues or challenges may come along to distract or deflect you, we keep you focused on the end-goal, ensuring you deliver the results you set out to achieve, along with the outcomes that matter most to you.

Specialising in:

Organisational Design Change Management

  • Design and implementation of new operating/organisational models
  • Establishing new blended teams post integration/merger/centralisation
  • Creating capability/governance frameworks to support organisational change
  • Development of organisational/team culture – mission, purpose, values

Internal Communication Strategy and Planning

  • Setting up Internal Communication/Corporate Affairs Functions from scratch
  • Designing Internal Communication Strategy – ‘Fit for the Future’
  • Building Internal Communication Capability – skills/expertise/recruitment

Change Management Methodology

  • Developing in-house Change Management Frameworks and Training packages
  • Design and implementation of bespoke Change Management Governance Frameworks and Processes