Connecting hearts, minds and hands

At Red Thread Connection, we understand change is more than adopting the latest strategies, models or theories. After all, organisations don’t change – people do.

That’s why we focus on ensuring your people are fully connected with what you’re trying to achieve.

Using recognised coaching tools and techniques, we clarify what your goals and ambitions mean for everyone. Helping unlock insights into the way you, your teams, your biggest supporters and your loudest critics think, feel and ultimately behave towards change. Energising and empowering individuals and teams with the confidence to move forward with you. Connecting hearts, minds and hands to make change happen effectively.

We provide:

  • Individual and Team coaching/mentoring (EMCC Accredited)
  • DISC Psychometric Assessment and evaluation (Individual and Team)
  • Workshop/Focus Group facilitation
  • Culture Audits
  • Stakeholder Engagement strategy and management planning

Discover how to connect hearts, minds and hands in your organisation.