Providing personalised coaching programmes, we help teams and individuals gain greater self-awareness, accelerate their learning and identify strategies and plans that will enable them to move forward and achieve their business and individual goals.

Team coaching – our team programmes are designed to help everyone learn, adapt and evolve together. By understanding the value each member brings to the team, you’ll not only work more effectively together, you’ll also support each other play to one another’s strengths. The result is a team that not only understands how to maximise their collective skills and capabilities, but one that actively prioritises working together to achieve their common goal or purpose. 

Personal Development coaching – we help you focus on the areas of your life that mean most to you – home, work or personal. Whether you have one or several goals, ambitions, or skills you want to target, we provide the time and space for you to think more deeply about what it is you really want to achieve. Using recognised tools and techniques, we work to raise your self-awareness, identifying what might be holding you back from taking action, and helping you tap into the personal motivators needed to drive you forward.

Our team coaching services can help you when:

  • Your team isn’t working as effectively as it could, and you all  want to do something about it
  • You’re setting up a new team that needs to hit the ground running
  • Your current team has been together a long time and has lost its momentum
  • Your team wants to become more creative and innovative
  • You want to identify and embed a stronger sense of shared purpose across your team

Our personal development coaching can help if you are:

  • Looking to progress in your career but don’t know how
  • Keen to address your work life balance
  • Have progressed from being a manager to a leader rapidly and need help in developing better leadership skills
  • Struggling to deal with particular key stakeholders/team members
  • Questioning yourself and your skills and needing help to boost your self esteem and confidence