Boris Johnson’s recent statement in front of Downing Street got me thinking. How am I going to ‘fire up my engine’ in order to move forward over the coming weeks? I know things are going to feel different as the lockdown measures start to ease. I’m sure I’m going to feel a bit out of control and have a few wobbles as I start moving forward again. Caught up in a kind of ‘waiting room’, somewhere between what I knew and was comfortable and the ‘new normal’. Whatever that means?

Recognising the only thing I can control is my own response to whatever lies ahead, I’ve pulled together ‘My Top Ten ‘Think Positive’ Tips’ to help ‘fire up those engines’ and keep me positive and motivated. Maybe you’ll find one or two of them can help or inspire you along the journey too.

  1. Move from the past to the future

Remember what has brought me to where I am today – use it to fuel a new vision for my work, business and myself.

  1. Focus on the positives

Look for the opportunities in every challenge – if a door closes, look for the open window.

  1. Let go of limiting beliefs

Cut the following from my vocabulary – can’t, shouldn’t, must, ought to. If I believe I can, I probably will.

  1. Feel the Fear and do it anyway

Go and out and do it. Whatever happens, I know I’ll handle it.

  1. Think big

Take the opportunity to stretch myself. Be ambitious with my goals – aim for the moon to reach the stars.

  1. Be patient

It won’t all be plain sailing. Just stick with it – keep strong and keep going.

  1. Be kind to myself

Take time out to find the happiness in every day moments – calls from friends, spring flowers, a baking success!

  1. Rally support

Don’t go it alone. There’s always someone out there to help. Reach out to friends, family or a fellow coach.

  1. Celebrate

Give myself a pat on the back. No matter how small the victory or achievement along the way.

  1. Help others along the way

Continue to share my knowledge and experience with others. After all, we’re all in this together.

If you need help ‘firing up your engine’, don’t go it alone. Contact us to see how we can help you move forward.