“Red Thread Connection has helped us see the bigger picture when introducing our global cultural change programme. Not only have they identified a broader range of engagement areas and activities we need to focus on, but, thanks to their open and approachable style, they’ve also helped us collaborate more effectively with our key stakeholders and hard to engage audiences. As a result, we now have more people actively committed and involved with what we’re trying to achieve. From strategy and planning, through to the delivery of innovative and creative campaigns, Red Thread Connection has been invaluable, providing us with a wealth of practical advice, guidance and experience as well as hands on support.”

Testimonial Head of Employee Communication and CSR
Head of Employee Communication and CSR
Global Banking

“With her vast experience, Annette brought a new level of robustness to internal communications, built excellent relationships with key stakeholders and to me personally, she was a great mentor and coach. It’s been a few years since I worked with Annette, but I still often recall her wise words and even say them to others myself!”

Testimonial Internal Communication Manager
Internal Communication Manager
Digital on-line

“Annette’s communication and engagement experience has been invaluable. Her insight into the type of challenges we’re facing as an organisation has meant she’s been able to understand and quickly translate my thoughts, ideas and strategic vision into a sound and practical ‘brand led’ engagement strategy. Working with Annette means I’ve also been able to relieve some of the pressure that comes with trying to juggle a raft of day to day business challenges demands while leading the drive for new behaviours across the organisation. With the strategy work progressing safely in Annette’s hands, I’ve been able to achieve both.”

Testimonial Head of Engagement
Head of Engagement

“From Day 1 Annette hit the ground running and delivered exactly what we needed – someone who quickly grasped both the business environment and complexities of the programme, created a compelling communication strategy that secured critical operational support and buy-in at a difficult stage and helped us introduce the new ways of working quickly and effectively. She has a no-nonsense, common sense approach that’s invaluable when you’re trying to deliver far reaching change at pace.”

Testimonial Programme Director
Programme Director

“Annette joined us for 3 months and ended up staying for 9. A fabulous addition to the team. She not only grasped the task we had for her but completely embedded herself as part of the wider team. Her advice, guidance and experience was sought by many, many team members throughout her time with us. Completely professional, she also built many relationships with key stakeholders and provided input to cross divisional projects. Annette has an amazing wealth of knowledge, is approachable and is committed to the task in hand. Continuing doing this and she will be an asset in every company.”

Testimonial Therese O’Donnell
Therese O’Donnell
TOD Associates