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Good communication is the glue that holds your organisation together. Without it, you’re just a collection of disconnected individuals. With it, you have the power to collectively achieve anything.

At Red Thread Connection, we help you create the right communication environment to realise that power. From creating a robust, effective internal communication strategy, to delivering clear and engaging communication plans and campaigns, we ensure your people have the information they need to do the best job they can. And if you don’t yet have a communication function? We can help you get started.

Whatever you need to communicate, we’ll ensure your message gets through.

  • Communication strategy and planning
  • Set-up, design and governance of internal communication functions
  • Campaign design and delivery
  • Communication skills and capability development

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Whatever you need to communicate, we make it clear what to say to help others understand:

Communication Strategy & Planning

Campaign Design & Delivery

Setup/Design/Governance of Internal Communication Functions

Communication Skills and Capability Development

Communication Blog Area

What our clients say

With her vast experience, Annette brought a new level of robustness to internal communications, built excellent relationships with key stakeholders and to me personally, she was a great mentor and coach. It’s been a few years since I worked with Annette, but I still often recall her wise words and even say them to others myself!

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Internal Communication Manager
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