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Organisations are struggling with change and performance as never before, driven by the pace of innovation, greater competition, tighter regulation, cost cutting, and more.

From introducing cultural and organisational change, through to delivering system and process change, we provide the best-practice approaches and solutions you need to achieve the right results. But change is more than adopting the latest models or theories. After all, organisations don’t change – people do.

That’s where our coaching expertise comes in, making sure that your people feel better supported to respond to change, cope with uncertainty and find the inner confidence they need to move forward.

With our support, you can continue to run your teams and departments, knowing that your change plans are in safe hands.

  • Change management strategy and thought leadership
  • Individual and team performance coaching and mentoring
  • Leadership development

Find out how to realise your true potential and deliver the outcomes you want.

We make it clear how to realise your true potential and deliver the outcomes you want to see:

Change Management Strategy and Thought Leadership

Individual & Team Performance Coaching/Mentoring

Leadership Development

Change/Coaching Blog/Case Study Area

  • The Alligator syndrome - “When you’re up to your neck in alligators you forget the original plan was to drain the swamp” This is a phrase I’ve heard myself saying so many times when working with clients. It seems to sum up the challenge that many senior managers are facing in today’s fast paced organisations – too busy ‘doing the doing’ to be able to stand back and focus on developing a solid plan for growth and development or to avert a potential crisis. Invariably, the ‘alligators’ take the form of ‘busyness’ – the endless rounds of meetings for meetings sake, or the need to fill the ether with ‘communication’ or just responding to the ever increasing demands of projects, events or ‘initiatives’ that require your “expert input”. Everyone else’s priorities become yours. Sound familiar? Having worked with a number of clients in this situation, the solution is much like wanting to lose weight ...

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What our clients say

From Day 1 Annette hit the ground running and delivered exactly what we needed – someone who quickly grasped both the business environment and complexities of the programme, created a compelling communication strategy that secured critical operational support and buy-in at a difficult stage and helped us introduce the new ways of working quickly and effectively. She has a no-nonsense, common sense approach that’s invaluable when you’re trying to deliver far reaching change at pace.

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